Peptide Immunization against viruses

COVID-19 control

The method of peptide-immunization against viruses is based on the procedures in tumor treatment and is currently the ultimate precise method to successfully respond to infectious diseases (caused by pathogens such as viruses, bacteria) prophylactically and therapeutically with minimal side effects. For, comparable to how the immune system can be activated with specific information to defend against and defeat the tumor, immunizing targeted information (precision medicine, cf. our domain „BISS“) using Peptide-Antigens is the method of choice for infectious diseases, both prophylactically and therapeutically.

The knowledge to decipher the unknown and deal with it correctly

Just as it is possible to support the immune system in the recognition and defense of tumor cells by informative PEPTIDE-CODES, this is also the superior method of choice available to us today for viral infectious diseases.

Immunization against viruses can focus on giving the immune system the important and above all safe information as a preventive measure to prepare it for the event that it should come into contact with this or another virus. This immunization builds a barrier against infection, mitigates possible courses of disease, and prevents dangerous overreaction of the immune system. The immune system is prepared in different steps to face a possible infection.

Due to the highly accurate PEPTIDE-information, our vaccine PI1203, unlike other vaccine approaches, is not affected in its efficacy by variants that have already occurred due to mutations of the virus and those that are expected to occur in the future, as it selectively focuses on conservative protein regions of the virus.

The development of the PMCR immunization process aims at application possibilities for special risk groups such as cancer patients or allergy sufferers through the combination of prophylactic virus defence and therapeutic immunization against metabolic disorders in the virus defence.