Cancer therapy as individual as the patients




Individual PEPTIDE-Immunotherapy

Peptide based precise activation of the immune system against the tumor

The methods developed by PMCR are therapeutic procedures for individual (re-)activation of the immune system against tumor diseases with the aim of stopping the disease.

Making the invisible visible

Cancer cells possess amazing and very unpleasant abilities to camouflage and hide from our immune system, thus evading attacks by our defense cells, and furthermore, to actively attack our defense cells themselves. These abilities make the therapy of tumor diseases, despite manifold progress in detail, one of the most difficult therapeutic approaches in medical practice, with unfortunately still often unsuccessful results.

Precise and individual PEPTIDE-immune stimulation, i.e. a specific and targeted activation of the immune system against the individual tumor, prepared by the PMCR and practiced by oncological specialists, increases the chances for the body’s own successful tumor defense.This also applies to advanced cases of tumor development, especially when metastasis has already occurred, in which conventional therapeutic methods are generally no longer able to achieve major treatment successes.

The therapeutic approach of our methods consists in the (re-)activation of the immune system against the tumor disease. For this purpose, the diseased body receives information about the respective tumor characteristics. This information is determined using highly sensitive bioinformatic (machine learning and AI) methods (see under our domain: „BISS“). The goal here is to stop tumor development and to initiate the associated regression of the tumor.


Due to existing legal restrictions in Germany, our ability to provide information about our cancer immunotherapy to patients and their families in Germany is limited. Your attending physician is the first point of contact for all questions concerning your cancer disease and therapy. If you are interested in new, extended therapy options of precision medicine beyond existing standard therapies and therefore in our method, you can contact your treating physician with the attached handout.

Designated professionals can log in to this via the DocCheck function and receive more detailed information about our therapy method for their cancer therapy.